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Ronda Rich
  My Life In The Pits (Living and Learning on the NASCAR Circuit)
                                                           –originally published by HarperCollins


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Called by the New York Times “one of the greatest sports books ever written”, My Life In The Pits is a memoir of the years that Ronda spent on the NASCAR Cup circuit as first a sports writer then later as sports publicist who traveled full time with the racing series.

In his foreword to the book, legendary championship car owner Richard Childress calls Ronda “a trailblazer” and points out that “all the young women we have in NASCAR today can thank her for helping to open the doors in a sport where once only men ruled.”

My Life In The Pits provides a romp through the inside of one of the nation’s most popular sports and gives the reader an opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversations with racing giants like Richard Petty, the gifted and mercurial
Tim Richmond, Darrell Waltrip and the Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt,
to name a few.

“It’s hard to pick a favorite book of the ones I’ve written but this is one that is definitely special,” Ronda says. "It’s about the lessons of life – those in dream chasing, risk taking, friendship, loyalty and such – learned by a young girl from mentors with the names of Elliott, Earnhardt, Waltrip, Petty, Childress, Allison and so on. These friendships and the education I received are a huge part of who I became.”