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Ronda Rich
  What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should), Perigee Books  


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A runaway best-seller, now in its 40th printing, What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should) has been called the bible of southern womanhood.

Touted by critics and readers alike and featured on national television shows and in magazines, this book’s success has launched Ronda Rich as a sage of Southern wisdom, particularly as it pertains to the South’s women.

“There are those who would call these women the heart of all things Southern,” she writes in the opening chapter. “But they are much more than that – these women are the magnolia-scented breath that sustains the life of the South.”

Southern Truths For Daily Living include:
Femininity is a plus in the business and social worlds.
A woman can be both tough and nice.
Kindness and compassion are never out of date or out of style.
More flies are caught with honey than vinegar.

Chapters detail advice on love (or how to get over a love gone South), negotiation (learn how to buy a new car), dealing with evil doers, attacking life with the kind of zest that brings success and how to perfect the art of Southern womanhood through charm and tenacity.

Favorite chapters are sure to be:
It’s More Than the Drawl, Y’all
If Life Were Fair, Pecan Pie Would Have No Calories
Sweet As Vinegar Pie
Charm That Disarms

Whether you’re a true blooded Southerner or a Southern wannabe, you’ll find inspiration and entertainment in the words of Ronda, an 11th generation Southerner, who lives by the mantra: If you can’t charm ‘em, just feed ‘em.”

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