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Ronda Rich

What Southern Women Know About Faith, Zondervan



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God, Grits and Grace…
…Ronda Rich knows all three.

Come sip a glass of sweet tea and sit for a spell with Ronda on the porch swing as she tells you stories of happiness and heartaches, friends and family, and a faith that’s strong enough to handle anything that life throws your way. Southerners have a “kitchen-table faith”; faith that feels like a comfortable, trusted neighbor who sits down and stays for a good, long visit.

“I have no doubt that I am alive and well today due to the fervent prayers of some wonderful, Southern women. Ronda, beautifully and entertainingly, tells stories of the kind of Southern women I know. Their faith is the guiding force in their lives and they discuss it all, and I mean it all, with their Heavenly Father. Like me, I think he, too, is a softie for a Southern accent." Jeff Foxworthy

“I truly believe in the power of prayer and I have lived my whole life on faith. This book speaks to my heart.” Dolly Parton

"Y'all, it's amazing how far faith and prayer can carry you. The Serenity Prayer carried this Southern woman to where I am today. This book is a beautiful and inspiring example of Southern women and their faith." Paula Deen

Faith is certainly not particular to Southern women, but a few of its revelations and reverberations are. With her right-smack-on voice and sensitivities, Ronda Rich can tell you much about the heart of the Southern woman, and why her faith is such a buoyant and living force in her life. Anne Rivers Siddons, New York Times Best-selling Author

“What Southern Women Know About Faith is the kind of book you’ll want to give every woman, and man, on your gift list! It is chock-full of the insights and truths about life that simply must be shared.” Cassandra King, New York Times Best-selling Author

This book will draw one closer to the Lord. It will tickle your funny bone, it will pull at your heart. And it will bring you to your knees. It is that good. Former U.S. Senator Zell Miller

"Using her humor, wit and wisdom, Ronda Rich depicts perfectly what it means to be a Southern woman of strength, softness and faith." Marsha Barbour, First Lady of Mississippi

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