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Ronda Rich
  What Southern Women Know About Flirting, Perigee Books  


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“Good things come to those who wink” proclaims Ronda in this popular follow-up to her first best-seller. Exploring deeper the mystique of Southern women and their famous charm, What Southern Women Know About Flirting picks up where the original book left off.

“This book is about the wholesome, fun side of flirting which too many young women no longer understand,” explains Ronda. “Intimacy comes too fast in today’s dating world and what young girls do not understand is that it causes them to lose the guy’s respect as well as demolishes their self-esteem. But flirting done the old-fashioned way – the way of smart Southern belles – is a winner for everyone. Girls win by strengthening their self-esteem and, more often than not, they get the guy, too.”

What Southern Women Know About Flirting is divided into three sections: Social Flirting (get what you want out of every day life), Courtship flirting (the old-fashioned but effective way to date) and Romantic flirting (once you’ve got the ring and the commitment).

Chapters that are sure to catch your fancy include:
Flirting With Success
Goodwill Comes To Those Who Wink
The Belle Rings and Romance Answers

Chapters that sure to catch his fancy:
Scoring With Sports
Rule The Roost, But Pamper The Rooster

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