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Ronda Rich

"Nothing beats a great story told except one that is retold."
-Ronda Rich

Ronda has become one of the most sought after speakers in America, deftly packaging humor and solid storytelling together while embedding each presentation with a powerful message.

"If you can make an audience laugh first, then they're willing to go deeper with you," she points out. "And, of course, bring it back to humor so you can leave them laughing."

Ronda excels in the kind of storytelling for which Southerners are renowned: lyrical, entertaining, thought-provoking and often downright funny. As demonstrated in her best-selling books and weekly syndicated column, she dynamically brings her stories to life in front of an audience, holding folks spellbound as she weaves tales of life in general, Southern life in particular and bits and pieces of this and that, including personal reflections of life and people on the NASCAR circuit.

Mixed groups, women's groups and all-male audiences enjoy Ronda's skill for skipping between stories that women adore and men appreciate while bringing the audience together in spirit.


"Ronda's NASCAR stories are awesome!" said client Liz Rosenberg. "Even if you don't know anything about the sport - and I didn't - you find yourself absolutely wrapped up in stories that are fun, moving and very powerful."

One event planner explained, "Over the loud objections of a board of men directors, I hired Ronda to do a presentation for all male group, one that had never had a female speaker. They told me quite simply that my job was on the line with that call. But I didn't worry. From the moment she hit the stage, she held 500 men in the palm of her hand. When it was over, they were whistling, cheering and gave her a long standing ovation. Many said it was the best program we ever had."

"Ronda was the perfect speaker at our Chamber's annual meeting. Her upbeat and energetic musings (or as she would say, "my people call them stories") was a wonderful. You just put her in front of a microphone and let her rip! She makes you feel that you are talking with her one on one! Everyone told me later she was the best program we've ever had!" John Boothby, President, Newton Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on booking Ronda or to request a DVD or CD, please email or call (770) 983-2420.

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