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Ronda Rich

As a noted Southern humorist, Ronda Rich never delivers a presentation without humor. However, as an inspiring motivator, she often adds powerful stories that will move audiences. She is happy to tailor any presentation to the specific needs of the client.


It's More Than The Drawl, Y'all
(Hilarious Tales of Southern Womanhood. Overwhelmingly popular, this topic is pure entertainment.)

Laughter In The Fast Lane
(Stories from the NASCAR circuit. Good for mixed groups and male audiences.)

Finding Your Dream When Everyone Thinks It's Impossible
(Inspiring, funny stories about others who have succeeded against the odds)

Moments Of Kindness
(How lives can be changed by one moment in time. Good for non-profits, young people and graduations.)

The Next Best Thing To Winning Is Losing Because You're Playing The Game
(Drawing on her NASCAR and sports reporting experience, Ronda inspires and amuses with this presentation. Especially great for male audiences.)

To request a DVD or CD, please email to or call (770) 983-2420.

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